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Most Common FAQ's

How do I track my package?
How long it takes to deliver package by sea and by air?
Do I need to fill in the full receiver information on the declaration and package?
How should I properly pack my package?
What items are prohibited from shipping?
What are the customs regulations for my destination country?
It seems like my package is lost. What should I do?
Do you offer packing services? Do you sell packing materials?
I want to send a package from my company to another company, how does that work?
How do couriers handle heavy packages that are over 66 lbs (~30kg)?
What is the maximum allowed value I can put without paying additional duties/taxes?
How can I insure my package? How does the insurance work?
How can I calculate the total cost for shipping a package?
How do I open a claim?
I received additional customs/duties charges, how can pay these charges?
How were the additional customs/duties charges that I received calculated?
Customs are asking me for an accurate list of items I sent and values. I do not remember exactly what I packed in the package, what should I do?
Do you offer a pick-up service from my home and how does that work?
What should I do if I want to send a package but there are no nearby drop off locations?
If my package is big in size but not that heavy - will it affect the final price?
What are the conditions for returning my package to the USA?

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