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Car shipping from USA to international destinations requires careful
planning, security, and control every step along the way.
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Car Shipping Services International

When it comes to international car shipping, we want you to get top-quality services from industry professionals. That is why we offer car shipping services on behalf of our parent company Atlantic Express Corp. which has been providing international vehicle transportation for more than 20 years now. The legal requirements, safety concerns, paperwork needs, and logistic processes involved in shipping a vehicle overseas needs professional help from a company like Atlantic Express Corp. that has been performing these services for many years. Their goal is to get your car where it needs to go.

Why Ship Vehicles To a Different Country

Whether you want to take advantage of lower vehicle costs, are moving to another country, or for any other reason, international car shipping provides the opportunity to get your vehicle where it needs to go. This also includes transport of auto parts and other associated items.

Safe and Legal Car Export Services

You do not have to worry about legal, import and export, or security issues when you choose car shipping from USA with our partners. Atlantic Express Corp. has an NVOCC License No.15362N. - an ocean transportation intermediary license, which allows offering legitimate and lawful international car shipping services. They have the experience, knowledge, and connections to make the process smooth and secure. Best of all, Atlantic Express Corp. offers highly affordable prices for both car export and container shipping.

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Guidelines for International Car Shipping

Importing or exporting a car, light truck, motorcycle, or other passenger vehicle involves many international rules and requirements to ensure safe, fast, and affordable passage. With more than two decades of experience, Atlantic Express Corp. provides expert help at navigating this sometimes tricky process. In-depth knowledge of specific guidelines allows offering you the smoothest and most hands-off process possible.

Paperwork Needed for Shipping Cars Overseas

Skilled professionals at Atlantic Express Corp. will help you gather and prepare all necessary documentation for a smooth car shipping experience. This includes vehicle documents, shipping instructions, end-user statements, and a temporary notarized POA to ensure a smooth transition of your vehicle every step along the way.

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