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Cargo and Container Shipping by Land and Sea

Get all of the benefits of more than 20 years in business when you arrange for international container shipping with our parent company Atlantic Express Corp. No matter what type of permitted merchandise or other items you have to ship from the United States to another country, they can help it get there safely, quickly, and for a budget-friendly price. Atlantic Express Corp. handles transport cargo to North, Central, and South America, Eastern Europe, Russia, the Middle East, Africa, and more locations around the globe. Every customer gets the precise services they need.

Transport of Containers by Truck

Although these trucking services focus on US territories, our partner company also offers transport of cargo containers to ports for international shipping. Your company needs a one-stop solution in order to maximize efficiency, speed, and reliability. That is why Atlantic Express Corp. offers so many interconnected transport services and even provides refrigerated shipping with full EPA registration.

Container Cargo Around the World

Having an extended network of loading facilities and offices helps to offer both LCL and FCL container shipping options from a long list of coastal ports. Include New York, Chicago, Miami, Los Angeles, Anchorage, and more. An NVOCC License No.15362N. - an ocean transportation intermediary license that Atlantic Express Corp. has, ensures legal and smooth cargo movement around the globe.

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FCL Container and LCL Container Benefits

Our parent company provides complete solutions for companies or organizations who need to ship large quantities or heavy loads. No matter what your container needs are, you will get the same excellent service that many customers have come to know and trust over the past two decades. This includes higher rates of security, standardized costs, and charges, help with documentation and legal requirements for export, simple scheduling, and affordable rates.

Full or Less Container Loads Offered

How much do you have to ship, and what type of container loads do you need help with? An FCL container (full container load) allows you to pack your own cargo and maintain security of property or merchandise. And LCL container (less than container load) works well if you have less to ship and want to reduce costs. Your pallets or cases are stacked with other companies or senders' cargo.

Special Cargo Freight Transport
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