Parcel Shipping Safety in the Age of Covid-19

Many parts of the world are under quarantine and self-isolation orders due to the Covid 19 pandemic. As more people stay at home than ever before, they turned to parcel shipping services to keep in touch with family, friends, and get products shipped to their homes directly. Safety concerns arise understandably, and you may wonder if it is safe to ship a package halfway around the world. This article will allay your fears and tell you how AEC Parcel Service is doing its part to keep workers and the public safe.

Why Ship More Parcels Now?

In the time before this strain of coronavirus spread around the world, people would get together with family and friends and hop on airplanes to travel from the United States to Europe and back all the time. Companies who shipped parcels had no trouble connecting with customers, either.

Now that fewer people go out and visit each other directly, parcel shipping has become the main mode of communication and sharing between them. In these high-stress times, sending a care package to family members in another country is a great way to show you care and to give them important health and safety items.

safe package delivery

Can Covid Spread on Shipped Packages?

With the higher level of parcels shipped internationally every day, people are understandably nervous about spreading the virus on the boxes or packages themselves. According to the CDC, Covid 19 spreads through respiratory droplets that fly through the air and end up in another person’s mouth, nose, or eyes. The virus does not live long at all on cardboard, tape, or any other material that usually makes up a package.

The chance of any parcel-related cross-contamination is virtually zero. New practices like contactless delivery and wearing masks contributes to the overall safety of the parcel shipping process used today.

Safety Measures for Every Worker

Here at AEC Parcel Services we care about our employees as much as the customers who shipped the packages to begin with. We have dedicated even more time and resources to sanitizing and cleaning our facilities and vehicles, ensuring that all workers stay healthy and do not expose others to risk. We stand firm in our commitment to safety for everyone involved in the parcel shipping process. We also encourage our independent agents across the United States and in Ontario, Canada to use the most recommended cleaning and health-protection practices recommended by major health organizations.

The dedication to comfort, convenience, and safety at AEC Parcel Service extends not only to the consumers like you who want to ship packages around the world. We also dedicate our efforts to maintaining the health and safety of every employee and the environment in which they work. During these difficult times when Covid 19 is affecting the entire globe, it is important to understand how to maintain operations and keep people in touch with their loved ones.

Parcel shipping is safe, quick, and easy with us. Feel free to contact us for any questions or get a price quote right away.