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Shipping to Switzerland from the USA & Canada

Shipping to Switzerland from the USA is now easier and cheaper than ever. AEC Parcel Service offers affordable shipping options to those who need to get their packages to Europe swiftly, smoothly, and safely. Get an immediate price quote with our easy to use rate calculator and enjoy huge savings along with impeccable shipping services.

Important Information

To ensure the fulfillment of our customers’ needs, we also offer a full range of benefits. That includes 24/7 tracking, free pick-up services, and the support of our customer care team. Besides, you will get free parcel insurance just in case something unexpected happens. This is why choosing AEC Parcel Service is probably the best way to ship packages to Switzerland from the US. Although shipping abroad is easy with us, you have to be aware of certain things. Find all you need to know about shipping to Switzerland below.

weight icon

Max Allowed Weight

To send the package to Switzerland from the USA, there might be certain max weight restrictions that can be found when filling out rate calculator provided above. If your parcel is above the max allowed weight of {maw} LBS consider sending multiple packages.

fragile icon

Package Insurance

Generally $100 of total-loss insurance is included when shipping all packages that protects from the unlikely case that your package goes missing. The most accurate information is provided when you fill out the above provided rate calculator and choosing your drop-off location. More total-loss insurance is also available for more valuable shipments at an affordable rate, please contact us at 1-312-626-6661 or [email protected] for more information.

officer icon

Customs Value

Shipping to Switzerland involves declaring your package contents and package value which is needed in order to comply with all international package shipping regulations. Keep in mind that you can ship up to ${val} worth of goods to Switzerland without having to pay any additional customs tariffs

The shipping cost to Switzerland from the US can vary due to the chosen delivery times, courier fees, and the size of a packaged item. The larger and heavier the package is, the more it is likely to cost. But we have probably the best options for shipping to Switzerland from the USA depending on your budget and needs. You can easily estimate the shipping cost with our handy rate calculator right away.

Sending a parcel across the globe generally raises many concerns. Differing shipping policies and restrictions in each country can be hard to understand and comply with. However, sending a parcel to Switzerland can be simple, and selecting a reliable courier service would be the first thing to do. At AEC Parcel Service, we strive to make sure each of our customers gets the best overall user experience. Here we’ve got the flexibility to match both your needs and your budget. Be sure we will help you to solve any problem or concern you may have about sending a parcel overseas. 

The content and the value of a package plays an important role when sending packages abroad. Every country has different rules and restrictions on what kind of parcels can go through their customs. Therefore, each sender should get acquainted with the list of restricted items and other regulations of the destination country. Still, choosing a reliable courier service is essential for quick and smooth parcel delivery. Send packages to Switzerland with us and enjoy our premium shipping services. 

forbidden items

List of prohibited items

Please find below the list of items that are prohibited to export from USA and Canada or import to Switzerland:

  • Separated lithium batteries
  • Power banks, power stations
  • Aerosols
  • Weapons and explosives
  • Cash, credit cards and debit cards
  • Knives
  • Ivory and furs
  • Human or animal remains
  • Cigarettes and other tobacco products
  • Perfumes
  • Paints
  • Bleaches
  • Flammables
  • Oxidizers
  • Corrosives
  • Plants
  • Prescription medication and drugs
  • Gold and silver jewelry
  • Alcohol
  • Cameras
  • Drones
  • Tools
  • E-bikes
  • Raw meat and fish
  • Chargers
  • E-scooters
  • Shavers
  • Laptops
  • Tablets
  • Phones

To ensure a smooth shipping process when sending a package to Europe, it’s important to be aware of the rules regarding prohibited items. You can find a full list of these items for both the country you’re sending from and the destination country on their respective government websites. It’s the responsibility of the sender to make sure that what they’re shipping complies with all the legal regulations. This helps things move quickly and smoothly throughout the shipping journey.


What Our Beloved
Customers Say About Us

July 13, 2019
Free pickup, 100 USD insurance and free tracking for better price? Thats huge! Always AEC!
by Stefan
November 28, 2019
I used to send less and less parcels to my family in EU because of ever increasing shipping prices. Thank God I found AEC! Prices makes sense and they also give you free pickups and insurance of 100$ for free!
by Alexej
January 27, 2020
I’ve never had good luck with the biggest shipping companies. They just don’t care about you. AEC is a Game Changer!
by Janush
March 3, 2020
I was amazed, that you don’t pay nothing extra for 100$ insurance and ability to track your parcel.
by Tatiana
July 14, 2020
Other companies charge you for pick up service and at AEC it’s free! They also deliver parcels straight to the door. Other companies just leave in post.
by Simon
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