Help Us Provide More Aid to Ukraine

Your donation makes a difference

How You Can Help

The war in Ukraine is shattering lives and AEC Parcel Service is uniquely positioned to expedite aid to the region. AEC Parcel is partnering with international nonprofits to identify supplies needed, as well as utilizing our logistics channels to get that aid there faster and cheaper.

All monetary donations help cover overseas shipping expenses for these national aid organizations as well as purchase more humanitarian supplies. 

Help us significantly improve the living conditions of those suffering from war. Your donation will save lives.

Please Donate Now

We’re cooperating with a donations fund HelpTogether and prominent Ukrainian and Polish aid organizations so that every aid package quickly reaches those in genuine need. Every dollar donated to HelpTogether helps to ship aid to the most affected areas as fast as possible. You can find more details on the activities of each organization and the supplies they currently need the most here.

Help us spread the word, tell your friends on social media – let’s join forces to make a difference.