AEC Parcel Service – Dedication to Unique Consumers

While the AEC Parcel Service company name may not have existed for long, it comes from an established shipping and freight company called Atlantic Express Corp. that has been satisfying business freight customers for years. This mother shipping company handles large scale shipments over the road, by sea, and air for companies who import and export to many locations around the globe. We broke AEC Parcel Service away to provide more customized and dedicated service to consumers who want to ship smaller packages direct to the recipient.

Benefits of AEC for the Consumer

For more than two decades, Atlantic Express Corp. has satisfied business customers who need to ship ocean, air, and over the road shipments, pallets, and cargo containers around the world. This level of dedication to quality has served us and our larger scale clients well.

The decision to separate a consumer-focused business makes sense for a variety of reasons. AEC Parcel Service was launched to focus specifically on the things that every day people look for in a package shipping and delivery company. We understand the importance of smart, safe, and organized logistics and transportation. Now, we can deliver the highest quality services to everyone no matter how small a parcel they want to send.

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High Quality Unique Services

We will never waver in our commitment to providing the highest quality services for every sender. At AEC, these include package tracking, free insurance up to $100, frequent and continuous shipping times for the fastest deliveries possible, and affordable prices for all.

Improved Individual Attention

The new focus on everyday people like you starts with our continuously growing list of authorized agents all across the United States and into Canada. These businesses and organizations provide convenient places for you to drop off your parcel in a nearby city or town. There is no reason why you should have to drive a long distance just to ship your parcel. This is just one of the ways our shift to two separate brands benefits you.

AEC Parcel service package delivery van

Improved Individual Attention

With these agent drop-off locations and a more streamlined pickup, shipping, and delivery process, you can now expect quickest possible transportation for your parcel. Since AEC Parcel Service approaches individual service in a slightly different way than the freight-focused Atlantic Express methods, the package to drop off at one of our locations enjoys speedy processing and the best shipping methods possible at the price you choose to pay.

Always Affordable Prices

No matter what type of package you want to ship, one of your primary concerns is cost. No one wants to pay more than necessary to get a box or a cargo container from one point to another. With AEC Parcel Service’s new focus on smaller parcels, we are able to offer you prices much more affordable than big-name corporate firms usually do. We do everything in our power to keep costs down while maintaining the high standard of service the world has come to expect from our 20-plus years of shipping experience.

Get a free price quote now and enjoy our premium shipping services.