International package shipping insurance: everything you need to know

You’ve just sent a package on an international journey. It all went well, but something just does not feel right. What if something happens to your package? What if it get lost, stolen, or damaged? You just don’t feel safe sending your package on a journey across the seas.

Sounds familiar? If the answer is yes, there is a way out. And it’s international package shipping insurance. It does wonders when shipping overseas by keeping you calm during the whole shipping process.

Here we’ve answered the most common questions on international package shipping insurance. Let’s have a look. 

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What is shipping insurance?

International package shipping insurance is a service that secures a package when you send it from one country to another. It protects you against accidents that sometimes happen during the package transportation process. It is the most common method used to protect international shipments. Usually, shipping insurance covers financial loss in case the package is lost, stolen, or damaged once received. 

The majority of international package shipping companies offer package insurance along with shipping services. Although unexpected situations rarely happen when you ship with a trusted company, the chance of an accident still exists. It is a huge benefit for the sender to have package insurance when shipping internationally, because it may reimburse you if the carrier fails in smooth package delivery.

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How much shipping insurance costs?

Prices vary due to several factors. The parcel shipping company and the declared value of the goods inside of a package are the main ones. The cost of shipping insurance differs by shipping service provider. Some may offer free package insurance up to a certain amount of declared value. Once you decide on the value your package should be declared, the carrier will inform you on how much shipping insurance will cost.

How does international shipping insurance work?

Basically, it’s really simple. If your package is received damaged or is not received at all, you will be reimbursed by the shipping insurance provider. However, each shipping company may have different regulations on their shipping insurance. Some can refuse to insure particular goods or will do it only up to a certain value. All this might cause some problems when shipping expensive breakables or specific items.

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Do you need international package shipping insurance?

If you ship packages with a trusted shipping company, the chance that something will go wrong is relatively minor. This chance especially decreases when you send parcels locally. But when it comes to international shipping and you need, for example, package shipping to Poland from Chicago services, the long-distance journey increases the risks of an accident.

The choice not to use package insurance is often justified with package tracking availability, which is commonly offered for free. Whether the package is trackable or not, there’s still a chance it can get lost or damaged in transit. Therefore, shipping insurance has a bigger value than package tracking. But whether it’s worth paying extra money depends on the value of the goods you’re shipping overseas. 

Best way to get your packages insured

When sending packages with reputable parcel services, you’ll be informed about their shipping insurance options and costs right away. But if you do not like the idea of paying extra for international package shipping insurance, then don’t pay for it! 

Here at AEC Parcel Service, we provide each customer with $100 of total loss package insurance for free. It covers packages that are lost or completely destroyed in the transportation process. In the rare situations that the parcel is damaged or goes missing, we will file a claim and provide you with compensation through this total-loss insurance. If you’d require additional total-loss insurance for more valuable contents of a package, you can increase this amount by paying only $5 for every additional $100 of declared contents’ value. 

Send parcels to Poland, Romania, Ukraine, Russia, or any other country listed here with the free package insurance we offer and prevent yourself from package loss or damage. Shipping to Europe and beyond with the free package insurance we offer will not only save you money but will give you peace of mind as well. 

Ready to ship packages cheaper and safer? Calculate the shipping cost and get started with international package shipping!